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Matthew Macri's Bio

Matthew MacriMatthew Macri was born to play music. He's spent his entire life learning instruments and immersing himself in studying, composing, researching, practicing, and teaching music. Before he was even out of high school Matthew had performed regularly with his school concert bands, show bands, youth orchestras, district festivals, marching band, rock bands, talent shows, and more, playing the tuba, guitar, and bass guitar. He continued his education at community college, where he was strongly encouraged by his professors to play, write for, direct, and arrange music for the ensembles he participated in. During these formative years, he gained a wealth of knowledge playing with symphony orchestras, jazz big bands, chamber ensembles, bass guitar duos & trios, and original metal bands.

It was during his tenure with the wedding/club band Impulse that Matthew committed to music as full-time employment. He maintains Matthew's Music Studio as a hub for his private instruction, specializing in beginner/intermediate students and young learners. When not playing all over New England/New York with Aquanett, he plays guitar and synth with the pop band PartyUp on club dates and private functions. His vast 'mental catalogue' of songs and styles also allows him to freelance on guitar, bass guitar, and drums, often subbing or filling in with his friends' and colleagues' bands.

Matthew joined Aquanett in 2002, and says, "It's perfect for a person like me; I grew up with this music and it's always been a part of me. Playing those basslines is right up my alley and I take a lot of pride, go the extra mile, and have a ton of fun with it."